LR Language Services interpreters must follow a strict Code of Ethics while performing their professional duties. Our Interpreter Code of Ethics is as follows:

Confidentiality: All information obtained by the interpreters while on assignment shall remain confidential.

Neutrality: Interpreters shall be impartial and shall abstain from conduct that may appear to be biased. They shall not allow beliefs or opinions to interfere with their duties nor add unsolicited comments or make recommendations except to assist communication.

Accuracy: Interpreters shall provide the most accurate interpretations to the best of their ability without changing or leaving out anything that is stated.

Conflict of Interest: Interpreters shall make known any real or perceived conflict of interest. They shall not take advantage, financial or otherwise, of information obtained in the course of their work.

Ineligibility and Hindrance: Interpreters shall, at all times, evaluate their ability to uphold the client’s highest standards for professional interpretation. They shall immediately communicate any uncertainties about their aptitude for successfully completing the interpretation.

Certification: Interpreters shall interpret only for the language(s) for which they are authorized to interpret.

Professional Courtesy: Interpreters shall provide excellent customer service at all times. They shall uphold a professional demeanor, be courteous and use a tone of voice appropriate to the situation.

Whether your subject matter is legal, software, technology, engineering, manufacturing or medical related, LR Language Services provides interpreters who will match your requirements and your specific needs.