Dollarphotoclub_54896185Effective educational  interpretation helps build bridges to better communication between schools and non English speaking parents.

There are many elements that contribute to successful communication in the educational setting. Schools professionals have their own professional culture and the language that stems from it.

Being bilingual is not enough to interpret in highly specialized fields.  Highly qualified educational  interpreters must be knowledgeable in educational, medical, and legal terminology in both the source and target languages.

Educational Interpreters are: 

  •  The conduit of Communication
  • Cultural Brokers
  • System Broker

School Interpreters must have strong knowledge of educational terminology and federal educational Laws, such as Title I, Title III, Special Education, NCLB,  Accountability etc, as well as  colloquial expressions in the target and source languages. School interpreters help parents communicate with school psychologists, Social Workers, nurses, Principals and other school staff.

LR Language Services maintains a comprehensive database of Educational Interpreters. No matter the location, our agency can assist you with interpreters for all of your important communications in the field.