High Quality Translation Process Flow


Once the translation is completed, and a glossary is created, the editing process starts by reviewing translation to ensure accuracy in meaning, style and written text.

  • Editing – the translation is reviewed to ensure the terminology accurately reflects the contents of the glossary and industry jargon.
  • Proofreading – this process will ensure that translation is complete, correct, and consistent.
  • Desktop Publishing & Formatting¬†– this review is to ensure that graphics are correct, adhering to the original template, addressing text expansion appropriately, and displaying graphics correctly.
  • Final Review – ¬†this process is to ensure formatting review, linguistic review, such as graphic callouts, headers and footers, index entries, etc.

Final audit is completed to ensure all quality reviews were undertaken and completed correctly and that the final deliverables contains the appropriate files.

Client Review

Our clients are given the opportunity to review the translation and offer changes requested by client reviewers.