LR Language Services prides itself in providing top notch translations, with the best customized services at competitive prices.

Translation: trans·la·tion

1. The process of translating words or text from one language into another.  A succesful translation must flow well such as the  document in the original language. A successful translation must also take into account the culture of the audience that will read the translated document.

LR Language Services has experience translating the following for different industries in multiple languages:

  • Technical Manuals – highly technical documentation to accompany equipment
  • Government Documents – forms, bids, manuals, guidelines
  • Marketing Materials- brochures
  • Legal Documents- depositions, legal documentation
  • Education- home notification, Individualized educational plans, manuals, guidelines and forms                                                     

Interpretation: in·ter·pre·ta·tion

1. It is the rendition of meaning into another language.

LR Language Services has experience interpreting the following for different industries in multiple languages:

  • Education-  Individualized Educational Plan Meetings, Parent Teacher Conferences, Open House Meetings, Parent Teacher Association Meetings, Nursing Plans, 504, RTI
  • Health Care – Medical Interpretation, Doctor’s Appointments , Emergencies
  • Legal Interpretation, Depositions               

Types of Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation occurs at the same time that the presenter is speaking. Typically, it is rendered at large conferences using interpretation equipment. Wireless receivers with headsets enable the audience to hear the language translation of choice.

Consecutive interpretation occurs in smaller settings, such as business meetings, interviews, medical visits, educational meetings, depositions, and press conferences. In this case interpretation follows sentences conveyed by speaker in the original language.

Sight interpretation occurs when the interpreter reads a document in the original language and renders interpretation in the target language.

Interpretation Trainings

Every school system in America needs interpreters to facilitate communication between non-English-speaking parents and school system personnel. However, few educational institutions offer any formal training for this vital profession. To help fill this training void, LR Language Services has developed over the years, a series of trainings and educational workshops to better assist interpreters in public schools.

LR Language Services is a Leading Training provider in the educational field with over 10 years of experience. Trainings and Workshops have been provided to the following Districts; Cobb County school District, Bibb County School District, Marietta City Schools, Cherokee County School District, Atlanta Public Schools, Paulding County among many others.

  • Basic Interpretation Training for the educational field
  • Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and The Interpreter’s Role
  • Special Education Terminology Training

LR Language Services provides corporate classes for professionals who are interested in learning language and culture of the countries with which they do business.